Online Therapy

So To Speak is now offering online speech and language therapy (teletherapy). There is a growing body of evidence relating to the use of teletherapy to support children with speech, language and communication needs (SLCN) and it can be a cost effective, flexible way of delivering therapy to your child at home or school.

Using your laptop, ipad or phone I am able to offer speech and language therapy live using an online platform. Just like in a face to face session I will choose activities and targets that are specific to your child’s needs and ensure sessions are fun and motivating. Please contact me for more information.


What is online therapy?

Online speech therapy offers you assessment and therapy from your home. As with face to face sessions your child’s needs are assessed using observation and formal/informal tasks over a screen share. Findings are then discussed with specific targets for therapy being set for the child.

What technology do I need?

A laptop or desktop works best but therapy can be delivered via an online platform on any phone, tablet or computer. You will need a reliable internet connection.

How long does each session last?

The call will be 30 minutes in length. Sessions are followed up with an email linking to resources and games for homework for that week.

How does a session work?

You will be sent an invitation with an ID number and password scheduled for a mutually convenient date and time. Just before the scheduled time you sign on, turn on your audio and video and then we start the assessment or therapy session.

A typical session will involve hearing how the child has got on in the previous week and then working through fun and motivating games to target the things they need help with. For primary aged children a parent will need to be present in the session. For younger children or autistic children we may using more of a coaching method which involves sharing videos of the child and discussing best strategies and next steps to implement at home.

Is it as effective as face to face therapy?

There is a growing evidence base for the efficacy of online therapy. Please see the following article for more information.