Terms and Conditions


Regular contracted sessions will usually be invoiced via email on a monthly basis. Clients are requested to settle the invoice within 7 days of the invoice being sent.

Clients using private medical insurance will need to settle the invoice themselves and then claim the money back from the private medical company.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation by the client before the day of the appointment:

If the client cancels an appointment the day before the appointment, the session can be re-arranged at no cost.

Cancellation by the client on the day of the appointment:

If the client cancels an appointment on the day of the appointment, then the bill-payer will be invoiced for the full cost of the session.


Information from assessment and therapy will only be shared with other professionals on a need to know basis and only with prior consent from parents.


There are 4 main types of data which So To Speak Ltd retains:

  • Contact and healthcare records needed to identify and assess the client.
  • Educational records relevant to ongoing assessments.
  • Clinical records needed to provide a service.
  • Financial records for billing.

So To Speak Ltd keeps electronic records of clinical data in order to provide a service:

  • Preferred format is electronic for clinical data.
  • So To Speak complies with Health and Care Professionals Council (HCPC) guidelines and must securely store the records until 7 years after treatment OR in the case of a paediatric client, the client reaches the age of 25. Following this period the records will be deleted

So To Speak Ltd keeps electronic records of Financial data from those who use our services:

  • Financial Data is kept for 7 years to adhere to revenue guidelines.
  • Financial Data (including non-payment of bills) can be given to HMRC at revenue’s request.

If you require your clinical data deleted or removed, you must send an email to So To Speak Ltd at laura@sotospeak.uk citing your wish.

Financial data cannot be removed before 7 years; however, it can be shared with you to allow for any correction or for you to make a health insurance claim.

Contact data cannot be removed before 7 years, however it can be shared with you to allow for any update or correction of material facts such as spelling of names, addresses, phone numbers etc.

If you require data to be shared with any third party, you must request it via email to the principal therapist, or via written request. Only the person listed as the key contact can request this if it is in the case of a minor. Any information prepared which has not been paid for cannot be shared.

So To Speak Ltd is committed to effective records management retention and disposal to ensure that it:

  • meets legal standards in terms of retention periods;
  • optimises the use of space;
  • minimises the cost of record retention;
  • securely destroys outdated records