I offer therapy for a range of speech, language and communication difficulties including: attention and listening difficulties, speech sound difficulties - speech delay and speech disorder, verbal dyspraxia, language delay and language disorder, including developmental language disorder and auditory processing difficulties. I have specialist experience of working with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Down’s Syndrome and social communication difficulties.

I am trained in the use of Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS), Attention Autism, SCERTS, Colourful Semantics, The Nuffield Dyspraxia Program, Rapid syllable transition treatment (ReST), Makaton signing and the Lidcombe program for children that stammer.

Speech, Language and Communication skills play a pivotal role in all of our lives - being able to build relationships, negotiate, learn and socialise are paramount to our children’s future success. Children develop these skills at different rates; whilst some develop these skills quickly for other children it takes longer and there are additional hurdles for them to face. These children may benefit from speech and language therapy.

Initial Assessment
Individualised, dynamic, timely

Usually an initial assessment will be carried out to establish the nature of your child's difficulties and their current level of need. We will look at areas of strength, areas for improvement and address family / school concerns from which we can map out an individual treatment plan that fits around you and your family.

Accessible, motivating, evidence based

Therapy sessions usually last up to an hour and can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly. As your child’s needs change, so will the frequency of required intervention. Therapy is fun, dynamic and evidence based, using apps and electronic devices as well as more traditional toys, games and motivating resources. It may be that your child is on the waiting list or currently being seen by Virgin Care, NHS Speech Therapy Team. If this is the case both private and NHS therapists can liaise to ensure that goals and targets are compatible.